vps mean?


If you are looking for a comprehensive definition in response to the question of what is VPS; You have come to the right place. In this article, we intend to give a different and more complete definition of virtual server; Virtual server or VPS, which stands for virtual private server; A virtual computer is always online, available and high-speed in the data center, which is actually a part of a dedicated server with similar features and, of course, more affordable. There are different types of vps according to their performance, which can be mentioned as Linux, Windows, Trade and Mikrotik virtual servers, each of which plays an important role in progressing and reaching your goal.

Virtual server or vps, which stands for virtual private server, means a virtual computer in the data center that is open 24 hours a day and has high-speed internet.

In the following, we will mention topics about virtual server applications, control panels, its management, the price and how the virtual server works, the importance of VPS location, and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a server?
The server is the safe of your information and in a way it is your secret! A very powerful computer that stores all the files and data you upload on your site is the server.

When you enter the address of a site in your system browser, this powerful computer sends the required information to the browser and in this way your site is displayed to users; Only information that you have allowed will be shown; We still believe that your server is your best friend!

Let’s explain the issue with a simpler example: the English word serve means serving, and the server plays the role of a person who sends files and information to the browser in an extraordinary beauty and order. It hosts your users well.

All this was to clarify the concept of the server; Now let’s talk about the concept of virtual server.



What is a virtual server?
Virtualization technology is used in the virtual server. In this technology, a virtual copy is created from every physical reality and server hardware.

When the virtualization technology reaches the servers, instead of having several independent hardware for each server, a powerful hardware becomes several servers with the help of software (with the help of simulation, of course!).

Such a possibility is truly unique; Because you are supposed to have several separate servers with independent operating systems and your own dedicated resources such as RAM and CPU and other data on only one hardware or even on a dedicated physical server.


Traffic and bandwidth
Traffic is the amount of volume used to upload and download a file, and the amount of network capacity to download and upload that file is called bandwidth.

The best example that can be used to better understand traffic and bandwidth is the example of street width and car traffic. When the width of the street is large, the traffic will be smooth; But if you are faced with a small width, your work will be more difficult. Keep in mind that this bandwidth belongs to everyone, after this example we understand that the Internet is shared between all the VPSs that are placed on the server.

But if you want, you can have your own reserved bandwidth! This work is possible with the help of various methods and techniques that virtualization technology provides to the server manager.

For this, it is enough to contact the support department or your server management and make sure of this issue.

Where is the data center?
The data center is one of the most vital physical centers in the world, which operates with special facilities and conditions for the purpose of maintaining, storing information, processing and publishing data of organizations, organizations and large and small companies in a centralized manner. We have written a complete and comprehensive article on what is a data center, in which we have fully mentioned the concept of a data center.

Get to know the famous data centers in each country
There are different data centers in every country, and among several data centers, only a few are more famous and popular, one of which is always better than the others, and we decided in this section to introduce you to the famous data centers of each country. do.

German virtual server
Hetzner is one of the most famous data centers located in Germany, and many people choose the German virtual server because of its reasonable price.

Netherlands virtual server
The famous data center hosted by the Netherlands is the OVH data center. You can order your Netherlands virtual server from this data center to Assam server.

American virtual server
At the time of purchase, many people are looking to purchase from the American data center, the most famous of which are ColoCrossing and XLhost, which we have provided you with the opportunity to purchase an American virtual server.

British virtual server
The most famous data center in England is Redstation, many people who want to buy foreign VPS, look for this data center to buy British virtual server.

French virtual server
One of the other data centers located in France is the OVH data center, which is very popular among users who want to buy a French virtual server.

We have servers in Assam, European virtual servers from other countries that you can view; But that’s not all, we also have a virtual server in Asia and a virtual server in Australia, where you can visit each page and view our services.

How is a virtual server created?
The server administrator can prepare a dedicated server and divide the main server into smaller parts by using virtualization technology (under the server).

The server administrator can define these smaller sections based on customer needs, dedicated and separate resources.

Let us clarify the issue with an example:

Imagine an apartment where you and your neighbors live together; But each of you has your own space with high security.

In your own dedicated unit, you can easily apply the changes you want and increase or decrease whatever you want. When you run into a problem, it’s the owner’s job to fix it.

In this example, the apartment is the same as the physical server, and each of the units is the same as the VPS, and none of them are related to each other and do not affect each other.

In the virtual server, you can manage the speed and security you need without the intervention of another source.

A server can be dedicated with RAM, hard drive and CPU, and have an operating system such as Linux or Windows, and root or administrator access can be provided to users.

All this makes the buyer no longer need to configure the server and as a result will receive a secure virtual server with admin access and with the desired operating system.


The concept of virtualization software
Virtualization is a virtual and digital instance of a hardware that simulates a physical computer as a host for multiple virtual computers on a separate partition of its host computer with CPU power, memory, operating system (Windows, Linux) and other resources. Runs.

With the help of virtualization, you can run several operating systems and various programs on a single server and have maximum productivity at an affordable cost.

Server virtualization uses virtualization software to partition or divide a server so that it looks and acts like multiple virtual servers. Then each virtual server can run its own operating system and be used as needed.

In this way, the server as a whole can be used and optimized in many ways rather than being dedicated to just one application or task.

Virtual server applications that you should know
The virtual server has many uses, of which we mention only a few of them here.

Web server for sites with high traffic
Virtual server (vps) is very suitable for those online stores that have high traffic; Because these stores need high monthly traffic, more storage space and a strong processor (shared services will not meet the needs of these sites).

If you also have such a site, your solution is to use a virtual server.

Virtual school sites are also not responsive when there are many participants in the classes; Therefore, it is better to use VPS for up to 100 simultaneous participants.

Another type of sites that exist are file and video sharing sites that share videos and files with large volumes publicly or privately, in which case we can see the use of VPS well.

By using VPS, this need for more space can be provided in file and video sharing sites.

Another use of VPS is in programming sites that have a dedicated system.

Some sites use proprietary technology in their programming, which require high server access. Naturally, this is not possible in the host, and this is possible with the help of a virtual server. For example, using PHP and ASP frameworks.

Email server to send unlimited emails
If you have used subscription services, you definitely know that the number of emails you can send has limitations, and if you are going to send many emails during the day or week, a virtual server can solve this problem. .

Keep in mind that when you have access to vps, you can install your desired email software on the server.

Application server to run a specific application with dedicated resources
In shared services, you will not have access to server management and naturally you will not be able to install your favorite software on it.

The virtual server allows you to install the application you need on the server by paying a lower fee than renting or buying a dedicated server and easily enjoy the facilities of a dedicated service.

Server for applications of organizations and companies
Companies that have several branches and are far apart have applications that must be used in all these branches. Accounting programs are one of these applications that can be mentioned. VPS can be used to solve this problem.

Software development
Many programmers need special services to develop their own software. If these projects are large, other hosts and normal services will not be responsive and VPS needs to be used.

GIT project management service
The GIT service is used for online backup and versioning of programs that are being developed. But that’s not all, several programmers can put their codes on this server from different locations.

Supervisory and management activities
People who own a business and need to continuously manage their work can use VPS. Because with the help of VPS, it is possible to manage workshops, offices, companies, factories, etc. online at any place and at any time.

Observations of surveillance and CCTV cameras
A virtual server can give you the possibility to view your surveillance cameras online and anywhere you want. In this section, we discussed the uses of VPS, so many people can have other reasons to use VPS.

8 Signs That It’s Time To Change Your Server
Sometimes your website will tell you in a non-verbal language that it is time to switch to VPS, and in this section we will tell you these signs.

You have concerns about the security of your site
If you need to increase the security of your site and have more monitoring capabilities, it is better to use a virtual server. If you charge a fee for providing a service or services on your site and have payment procedures, the best thing to do is to use a VPS to increase the security of your site.

Your site traffic is growing
If you have recently launched your site on a shared host and the number of users entering your site is increasing, it is better to use a virtual server; But if the daily visits to your site are constant, shared hosting is a better option for you.

Keep in mind that if your site has high traffic and you use shared hosting, there is a possibility that your site will be unavailable; Because shared servers are not able to manage high traffic as well as virtual servers; So VPS is in your favor.

Your site is slowing down
When you use shared hosting, that is, many sites use the same RAM, if your site grows in terms of traffic and quality, and you upload more and more content to your site day by day, then you think whether Can shared servers host your site well? The answer is no! In this situation, you will face limitations.

Upgrading the server to a dedicated vps provides ideal conditions for you to upload your content on the site and develop your site without any worries.

If you own an online store
The basic requirement of having an online store is to use a suitable server, for which VPS is a suitable option. The payment card industry has its own standards that have considered special protocols to protect credit cards against information theft; For this reason, having a suitable server is considered necessary.

Vps is considered a secure virtual server that you can successfully pass all the security tests to be able to pay online on the site.

You need to install a custom software
For those site users who work with WordPress or other content management systems, shared hosting is more suitable, but if you are going to use a dedicated content management system, you must set up your own custom server to control your own hosting. have more

The point that you should keep in mind when using a shared server is that you cannot use advanced programs and even if you manage to install advanced programs, the server will not be able to properly install them. , support and cause your plans to collapse.

To prevent such problems, our advice is to have more control over your activities.

More errors from the server side
If you encounter such errors, it’s time to upgrade the server:

Service Unavailable
Internal server error
In online businesses, problems arising from the server side can disrupt your work process, and therefore such problems must be solved in the shortest possible time, which vps can solve this problem.

You can allocate more budget for a dedicated server
A dedicated server can be a very good solution to solve your site’s problems; For this reason, our recommendation is, if your income increases, consider using a dedicated server.

We assure you that if you increase the width of your site and provide more security, the growth trend of your site will be upward, so don’t forget about VPS.

If you provide website services
If part of the services you provide is website services to customers, you can use multiple domains with the help of a virtual server and provide proper performance for all websites with enough RAM.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual server?
Virtual server is considered a very smart choice for many people; But for many people it is not a good choice at all, so it is better to measure your needs first and then make sure that VPS is for your benefit and not an extra expense!

Therefore, in this section, we introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the virtual server to help you make the right choice.

Advantages of virtual server
Faster and more reliable
A separate space without influence from other server users
The presence of superuser access or root that allows you to configure it.
Your databases are safe and secure and nobody can access it. (Your virtual server is your secret keeper!)
The virtual server is upgradeable and you can easily develop your own website.
(You will be able to easily increase ram, cpu, data storage and bandwidth as you need.)
You are going to pay a very reasonable fee for the facilities received.
You can install and modify any special software on your own virtual server.
Disadvantages of virtual server
It has a high price compared to shared hosting.
You have more technical knowledge to manage the virtual server.
To increase the security of your vps, you need to apply more settings.


The influence of location in choosing a virtual server
When it comes to hosting, the location of the server is very important and should definitely be taken into account before purchasing, especially in Iran due to the sanctions, choosing a geographical location to operate in various fields such as international financial markets, exchange Ha, trading is very important; Also, choosing the location of the virtual server that is less physically distant from you and your location; It is effective in the speed of performance, transfer and connection of data.

Also, if you use a virtual server to host your site; Location plays a role in website loading, generally visitors don’t like to wait for a website to load. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, your visitors will likely leave without looking at what you have to offer.

As a website owner, you should know that different countries have different laws and regulations regarding information security. Depending on the type of content you’re hosting, it pays to choose a VPS location that has strong privacy policies. Where your data is stored affects the level of privacy and the laws and regulations you will be subject to.

If you are a webmaster and you use a virtual server for your site, SEO is definitely important to you, and the effect of server location on SEO is a very controversial topic. No one is quite sure about the current impact of server location on an aspect like SEO; But it is believed that the SERP ranking of your website can change depending on the server location.

Also, when choosing the location of the virtual server to the security and safety of the physical server of your data center, make sure that it is in a place that is less risky in terms of the risks of natural disasters and has infrastructure to withstand and prevent any power outages or problems. be connected

Should we buy Iranian or foreign VPS?
To answer this question, you only need to check its advantages and disadvantages and leave the conclusion up to you, the audience, to buy your Iranian or virtual server according to your needs and facilities.

Advantages and disadvantages of Iranian virtual server
When you buy an Iranian virtual server, you can be sure that the speed of your site will be higher due to its shorter distance. Because one of the factors affecting the speed of your site is the distance.

The next thing that can be considered an advantage of Iranian virtual server is the low cost of domestic virtual servers compared to foreign virtual servers.

But the point that you should keep in mind as the disadvantages of the Iranian virtual server is that due to the sanctions that exist, you cannot access many foreign software; The low quality of the access network is another disadvantage of Iran’s virtual servers.

Advantages and disadvantages of external virtual server
By buying a foreign virtual server, you will have a wider bandwidth and better quality hardware. By buying a foreign VPS, because you are not under sanctions, you will have access to more software and more up-to-date facilities. you will have; The next thing to keep in mind is that you should always take the risk of getting banned.

The presence of a large distance in an external VPS may increase the ping of your site and eventually lead to the slowness of your site. The last thing we can say as the disadvantages of an external virtual server is that we see more price fluctuations and a higher price. compared to the Iranian virtual server.

In the end, the choice is yours to buy Iranian or foreign vps.

generating income with a virtual server in 1401; How to increase income with vps?
You may not believe it, but you can really get rich with the help of a virtual server; We do not chant, do not miss the continuation of the article!

Vps can greatly reduce your costs
Those who have a start-up business, the costs of using a dedicated server can be high for them, using vps can greatly reduce costs and of course provide them with more features than a shared server.

With a rough estimate of the cost of a dedicated server and the cost of a virtual server on an annual basis, you can get a good idea of ​​how much you can save on costs throughout the year!

With VPS, your sales will increase!
Vps can be very effective in your sales; but why? Imagine that you have entered a site that does not have the optimal speed, and the products are displayed slowly, and you are having trouble placing an order. Do you trust such a site?

Of course not! Many customers don’t have extra time to waste on slow sites, and that’s why they don’t buy from such sites, and this slow site is bad for you for two reasons:

1: You lose your customers

2: SEO of your site will drop!


But why does the site’s SEO fall? Technical SEO, the most important part of which is site speed, is very important for Google. When the speed of your site is not good, your technical SEO will be weak and other users will leave your site quickly and the bounce rate of your site will drop! All this is ultimately to your detriment.

By changing hosting to VPS, you can easily improve your site’s SEO and attract more customers.

The first line is for you to buy stocks
Those who work in the world of stock exchange, know how much speed can put them ahead of others! If you work with stock vps, you can do your own transactions and have the most profit and the least loss without encountering outages or internet slowness, and this is possible with the help of stock vps.

The future world belongs to digital currencies and vps will not leave you behind!
Since we are banned and cannot have an account on Binance, VPS easily solves this problem; but how?

When you buy VPS, it is as if you are buying a system outside of Iran, and in this case, your being Iranian is meaningless. That means you have a fixed IP from the host country! You can easily operate in the world of digital currencies and prepare for the future world that is in the hands of technology.

Don’t forget that using VPNs can lead to the risk of closing your account; But vps is a safe and tested way. If you want to trade and earn this way, first think about buying vps.

You can earn dollars through Adsense
AdSense service is one of Google’s advertising methods, in which various sites host advertisements that are mediated by Google.

Google uses your site to display ads and pays you for this; Unfortunately, this is not possible for Iranians, but you can bypass one of the ways that Google can find out that you are Iranian by buying a vps and earn money in this way.

VPS or VDS? which one is better?
In most cases, VPS and VDS are almost the same concept, in the word VDS means (VIRTUAL DEDICATED SERVER), which is technically a virtual server with completely dedicated resources.

VDS is naturally better than VPS due to the exclusiveness of its resources and not using shared resources. In VPS, there are limitations such as performance reduction and time delay on the server due to the combination of resources, and the exclusiveness of VDS resources increases the security of the server. to be

But in practice, there is no difference between VPS and VDS services in companies.

Vpn or vps? The problem is this!
Because of the existing filters, 99% of us use VPN. As you know, VPN provides a private and secure network for users to connect to the Internet. With the help of VPN, the information sent and received are encrypted and protected using a series of special protocols.

What is the advantage of using vpn?
You can change your IP and view blocked content.
The information you send on the Internet is protected using special encryption.
When you want to connect to an insecure network and another modem, be sure to try to increase the security of your connection by using a VPN.
What are the disadvantages of using VPN for you?
Vpn adds a layer of security to your device to connect to the internet and slow down your internet speed.
It may cause you trouble due to frequent IP changes; Especially if you are active in the global trading market and Binance, this can be detrimental to you.
In using vpn, there is a possibility of trojans and key loggers entering your operating system, which store information about your activities, such as username and password, in their own servers, and there is a possibility of their disclosure and abuse. would have existed.
There is a possibility of disconnecting and connecting as well as not working properly
A list of IPs are blocked for some sites
Your mobile battery will increase
The difference between vpn and vps
vps is a service that provides you with many facilities, including:

Hosting one or even several different sites
Install the required software
Having a Windows or Linux operating system
Full access and admin and a fixed ip
But VPN is the only tool that a user can experience surfing the web in a secure environment by downloading and installing it on their smart phone or computer system.

What is a dedicated server?
When we talk about a dedicated server, we are talking about a hosting option where a physical server is assigned to a customer; This means that each customer has his own physical server, without sharing it with anyone!

A person who buys a dedicated server can use all the server’s facilities in a completely exclusive manner and can fully control it and personalize its performance and security according to his needs; We have written an article about what is a dedicated server and have talked about it comprehensively; If you want to know more about dedicated server, we recommend reading our article.

The dedicated server has differences with the virtual server, which we will discuss below.

Source: https://asamserver.com/blog/what-is-vps

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