Defendants, Lawyers and Justice Suffer as Pandemic Shuts Down of Trials

For 16 years, Bill Price has successfully defended the city’s prostitutes, drug dealers, drunk drivers and the occasional client accused of murder. But against COVID-19 and a dormant criminal justice system, even the gold medal weightlifter-turned-litigator is powerless.

“This virus has crippled the courts,” says the veteran defense attorney. “There are no jury trials. We don’t have the ability to meet face-to-face with prosecutors to hammer out plea deals. With the economy, people simply have less money to spend on attorneys. Everyone is being hit hard by this.”

While residents have spent the last six months working from home, binging Tiger King, toasting happy hour via Zoom and watching cardboard cutouts sit in our seats at sporting events, Dallas’ courts have ground to a ha...

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Review: A Chef with African Roots and Global Training Brings Fine Dining to Garland

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but ambitious young chefs looking for big opportunities to show off their skills should consider the suburbs.

This goes against everything an urbanist Oak Cliff dweller like me should believe. But the thought was inescapable as I walked into Pangea, a triumphant new Garland restaurant where chef Kevin Ashade effortlessly weaves his African roots into a fine dining menu that looks like a world map.

Pangea is on the ground floor of the first of more than a dozen gleaming new apartment blocks on Garland’s northern edge. For the apartment complex, Berkshire Spring Creek, the restaurant is a signature amenity; for Ashade, it’s a chance to make a big, bold statement.

His dining space is huge, starting with an entry lounge filled with sofas and coffee ta...

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The Endorphin Factory Lets You Pursue Happiness by Demolishing Rooms

Sometimes when you’re stressed, a 20-minute mediation session or power-drinking night out will just not cut it. Nowadays, power-drinking nights out are depressing nights in with a “safe” number of friends while you practice social distancing and talk about how much of a dumpster fire 2020 has been.

According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. And more than 75% of all doctor visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

In short: stress kills. So helping people find creative ways to relieve their stress is why Darryl Williams and his fiancée opened the Endorphin Factory in Grand Prairie.

“Initially we wanted to be both a play...

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RoboCop May Return to Big and Small Screens With Prequel Show OCP

Who knows when we’ll be able to go back to the movies again? Even if the worst case scenario happens and movie theaters become a distant memory like rotary phones and bunny ear TV antennas, there might be another way for you to get your RoboCop kick.

Ed Neumeier, the screenwriter who wrote the first RoboCop movie with Michael Miner in 1987 that director Paul Verhoeven shot in Dallas, says a TV prequel called OCP is in the works.

“We all could use more RoboCop wherever when can get it and MGM seems to be willing, and that’s good for me,” Neumeier told the Dallas Observer. “I’m very hopeful.”

Neumeier first told the film website Moviehole that he’s working on a TV project with writers Dave Parkin and Rob Gibbs that takes place in “Old Detroit” and tells the story of Dick Jones, the evi...

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Dallas Chef Takes Creativity Beyond the Plate to Stickers

Since COVID struck, many of us have had to find creative ways to pass the time. While this is a daunting era for all industries, hospitality, bartenders, chefs and restaurateurs have found ways to create temporary moments of joy.

Anastacia Quiñones-Pittman, executive chef at José in North Dallas, took to crafting during the earlier parts of quarantine. Having survived COVID-19 herself and dealing with the city shutdown, she began drawing symbols and designs significant to Mexican and Latin culture as a way to pass time.

“Being a chef, you get to be creative at every time of day,” she says, “and in quarantine, there isn’t really room for that. It became very depressing and isolating.”

One night, while she and her husband were watching TikToks, she came up with the idea of mak...

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The 5 Best Music Biopics You Can Watch on Hulu

Iconic pop trailblazer Madonna is co-writing and directing an upcoming biopic on her life and music career, Universal Pictures confirmed in a statement on Tuesday. Joining the Queen of Pop on this endeavor is famed  writer Diablo Cody, whose most notable works include films such as Juno and Jennifer’s Body.

This announcement has been met with ardent enthusiasm in the realms of music and film alike, and it has spurred a lively dialogue on which actors should play the lead role. Some popular contenders in this discussion include younger pop icons such as Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, and Hollywood favorites Margot Robbie and Florence Pugh.

The possibilities and potential for this biopic are virtually endless, and if there’s one significant artist that deserves an Oscar-worthy biopic, it’s...

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Pandemic Could Increase Human Trafficking in North Texas, Advocates Say

Last week, WFAA reported that two men in Dallas were arrested for trafficking a 13-year-old girl. That’s how old Tonya Stafford was when her mother sold her for drugs.

Stafford’s abuser held her captive for 10 years in Dallas, she said, but she escaped to a safe house with the help of a neighbor in 1996. There, she and her three children received trauma counseling and resources, she said.

Through that experience, Stafford said she discovered her life’s purpose. In 2014, she founded her own Dallas-based nonprofit, It’s Going to Be OK Inc., to aid sex trafficking survivors.

“I in turn started rescuing, restoring and rebuilding, and giving them the life that they deserve — girls and women of trafficking and their children,” she said.

Human trafficking has long been an issue, b...

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A Record Store in Arlington Digs Through Dallas DJs’ Vinyl Collections

A new and used record store, Growl, is blossoming in downtown Arlington along Abrams Street. This retail space has cycled through different phases over the last few years, trying to figure out what it wants to really be when it grows up. With low ceilings, a cement floor, bars on the windows, and a hint of patchouli in the air, it certainly gives off an old soul-rocker vibe. 

A few years ago when Division Brewing moved into the building behind it, it was a vintage tchotchke shop. The store eventually packed up and left, so the owner of Division Brewing, Wade Wadlington, snagged the space. Since the store and brewery shared a common courtyard, it made sense to envelop the space.

For a while, they sold comic books and collectibles...

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Foul Air and City Inaction on Enforcement Causing Headaches for Small Businesses

Sandra Anchondo Hansen studied accounting in school. She became an attorney and a small business owner, but she says she goes home every day feeling like a landscaper.

At the end of the day, Hansen and the workers at her auto repair shop, Motorwerkz of Dallas, often go home covered in dirt, sand, gravel, mulch and other building materials that have blown into the shop.

“It’s like we’re being battered,” Hansen says.

On windier days, they find the material stuck between their teeth and a stench of manure fills the air. Sometimes the smell gets so bad, Hansen and the employees close down their shop, she says. This has become a nuisance for Motorwerkz and other businesses in the area.

If she wasn’t suffering loss, Hansen says she would not be complaining...

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نوشتن پایان نامه کارشناسی ارشد و دکتری در زمان کوتاه

بسیاری از دانشجویان زمان نوشتن پایان نامه با مشکلات زیادی دست و پنجه نرم می کنند. برای این دست از دانشجویان انجام پروژه دانشجویی برای دریافت مدرک یکی از سخت‌ترین کارهای ممکن است. برخی از دانشجویان با وجودی که در تحصیل موفق هستند، اما از نوشتن پایان نامه فراری‌اند.

خب با این حساب برای نوشتن پایان نامه کارشناسی ارشد و دکتری چکار باید کنیم؟ از نظر ما نوشتن چنین پروژه ای فقط به زمان و تلاش زیادی نیاز دارد. اما اگر اساس کار شما درست گذاشته شده باشد، انجام پروژه برایتان کار سختی نخواهد بود...

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